Target marketing is horrible. They took my website when we let them go and they woulnd't give me my domain name.

I had to fight to get back my domain name. Then they sued us with two fat and dumb lawyers. We were tied up in court for over a month. The owner is a *** who tried to control everyone.

We had to get a new website and start over. And they are still trying to control my business and tell me what I can do or not. This company is insane.

Stay away from them. They suck.

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Ann Marie Hutchison is a liar and a thief. She stole property and money from Last Chance Rescue.Animals fostered by her disappeared.She claimed they were adopted, but the names and addresses on the adoption contracts were fake.

She left euthanasia medication in Petsmart store, and the store said she would have to go or we would be thown out. She spread all sorts of lies about us and was trying to get our group shut down by reporting false information to animal control and the department of agriculture. She then formed Always Hope. And got thrown out of PetX store for again leaving euthanasia medication and syringes there in the store.

Target Marketing didn't know about this and was donating time and money to help what they thought was a good rescue group. When Target started seeing what a criminal Ann Marie was, they left. Ann Marie stole a copyrighted website from them. She then started telling all sorts of lies about them just like she did for Last Chance.

The comments posted here are not true. Target Marketing donated everything. I asked what happened but the owners of Target are too classy to say anything.

But the court case is a matter of public record for anyone to see. If you want to know the truth about Ann Marie Hutchison and Always Hope, go to the court house and read the court case 10-25701CZ.


They got "paid" for that logo? Yet they are legally saying it belongs to them. That is extortion!


Even after all the money they received for that web site and logo they still took it all back and dragged you to court for nothing.

Course they didn't give the money back!

They're insane, not ***.

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