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I went onto Target Wedding Registry Website to pick out a present for my Nephew and is to be wife. I ordered a Bed Quilt that shown as not being purchased yet.

I found out 2 hours later from my sister that she had ordered the same quilt 2-3 days ago but it was never taken off the wedding registry as being already purchased. I called Target immediately and they said since its over 30 minutes old (the order) they could not cancel it. I explained it was there problem since there records did not update the wedding registry and it should not have been available. They offered no solution just we are sorry.

I will never shop in store or online at a Target again. I plan on purchasing $400 worth of small stuff first and pay cash then take them to my car and return each one individually.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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GREAT TO HEAR, Bra0059!!!!!! 8)

I, too, have learned that if I ever am in a position where I have no alternative except to purchase an item at Target (God forbid - I only had to turn there after Katrina), I will work WITHIN TARGETS' POLICIES!!!!! I tell everyone to stay away from Target, but if they must shop there, then I tell them to use the practice you listed!!

Sometimes, the best way to fix a system is to work within that system!! :p 8) ;) :grin :) :zzz

Great going!! You didn't let yourself become a victim of Target's ridiculousness!!! :zzz

Should I ever HAVE to deal with such vipers again, I will certainly do it your way!!!

Way to go!!!!! :p 8) ;)

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